Data center cooling


Extending equipment performance

Avoid downtime with proactive service

We understand that continuous operation is critical for your data center, but downtime can be a constant worry if a good service program isn't in place. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for your data center cooling equipment, and we can customize a service program for you that maximizes equipment uptime.

24/7/365 Service and support

You can also have peace of mind knowing our local service team is ready to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call 866-253-2528, email us, or fill out our form and we'll have a service expert reach out to you right away.

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Performance audits for data centers

Performance audits give you total piece of mind with the operation of your data center cooling installation. Alfa Laval experts review and analyze the performance of your equipment and secure the right service intervals, performance and uptime. The outcome of the audit and consulting activities include recommendations to: 

  • Improve performance quality and efficiency
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Perform equipment audits
  • Perform energy audits
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Provide advice on spare parts inventory and maintenance routines
  • Improve safety and/or regulatory compliance

Heat exchanger audit brochure

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Plate heat exchanger services

Reconditioning and repair

Reconditioning of your plate heat exchangers can restore performance and lower maintenance costs. 

Cleaning, crack detection, reassembling with new gaskets, pressure testing and replacement of defective plates are just some of the things we help you with, as well as making recommendations for other service measures. You can tailor your own package of services or choose a pre-defined package. Download the brochure below or contact us to learn more.

Plate heat exchanger Service brochure

Plate heat exchanger service equipment

Cleaning In Place systems

Cleaning In Place (CIP) systems enable quick and easy in-line cleaning of heat exchangers without dismantling your equipment, thereby drastically reducing both spare parts consumption and the number of man-hours required for cleaning.

Automatic backflush valve

Use an automatic backflush valve to regularly flush out material that can accumulate at the heat exchanger's inlet.

Port filters

For conditions involving any kind of water containing particles, port filters help prevent foreign objects from entering and clogging the heat exchanger.

A reliable local service network

With a local network of 9 Service Centers, over 50 factory-trained field techniciansover 75 service representatives and authorized service providers, and a centrally-located distribution center, we have your parts and service needs covered. Contact us and we'll get you in touch with your local Alfa Laval Service representative.

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