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Dry coolers

Alfa Laval Alfa-V dry coolers provide a smart way to take advantage of free cooling when the surrounding temperature allows for it. They're made with cross-fin copper tubes and advanced corrugated aluminum fins, resulting in a combination of compact dimensions and high capacity. All Alfa Laval dry coolers are easily integrated with plate heat exchangers.

Dry coolers are easily integrated with liquid-cooled plate heat exchangers, especially in free cooling systems. Since we're the only supplier to offer both dry coolers and plate heat exchangers, you can count on us to create the most efficient and cost-effective combination for your data center.

How dry coolers work

Dry coolers were designed to achieve an optimized exchange of thermal energy between air and a refrigerant or fluid. In order for dry coolers to work, the air temperature needs to be cooler than the water in the system. To cool the system liquid, hot process liquid flows through the dry cooler tubes. This liquid is then cooled by the relatively cold ambient air that is forced through the coil. 

The ‘heart’ of our air heat exchangers is the finned coil, built from a circuit of interconnected tube serpentines and fins to increase the heat exchanging surface. 


  • Our finned coil technology increases air to fluid contact by as much as 40% vs. traditional fin technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Reliable performance
  • Heavy duty design with high corrosion resistance
  • Favorable capacity/footprint ratio
  • Available with easy to clean industrial fins
  • Excellent sound characteristics
  • Easy to transport, install and maintain


  • Coil - an innovative coil design provides excellent heat transfer
  • Casing - made with corrosion resistant galvanized steel with high rigidity for protection against vibration and thermal expansion
  • Fan motors - available in three fan diameters - 31.5", 36", 39.5" - 60 and 50 HZ from 380 to 480 V
  • Design pressure - each heat exchanger is leak tested with dry air
  • UL certified 507
  • A water spray system is available, but please note the technology is not as efficient as adiabatic coolers


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