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Arctigo Low Speed Ventilation

A unique and patented cooling concept, Low Speed Ventilation delivers air at a considerably lower speed: 4.9 to 5.9 feet per second. Reducing air speed and delivering an optimum airflow eliminates the Venturi effect, minimizes pressure differences and therefore prevents problems such as ‘hot spots’. Not to mention, lower air speed means more energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

The Low Speed Ventilation concept introduces a paradigm shift from 'pressure control' to 'air availability'. LSV is a normal pressure technology, so data center operators only need to control air availability, not air pressure, making it far easier to achieve optimum conditions in the server room. Combine LSV with air cooled fluid cooling technology and high efficiency chillers to get the lowest PUEs available.

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(LSV part starts at 0:46)


  • Lowest PUE – Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.07 compared to market average for global data centers of 1.5
  • Lower energy consumption – “leaner cooling”, as EC fans distribute
    air to servers at low speed
  • Easier maintenance – LSV coolers are located outside the server
    room, making service access more convenient
  • Lower costs – reduces cooling-related energy bills by up to 30%
    depending on size, type and location of the data center 
  • Flexible, modular construction
  • Packaged, plug-and-play concept - no additional engineering costs
  • Stocked and industry standard parts


  • Coil
    - Modular cooler coil with Cu tubing Ø 5/8”

    - Tube pitch 1.9x1.9" triangular
    - Corrugated aluminium fins
    - Fin spacing 0.2"
  • 1 to 10 energy efficient EC fans, Ø 400 up to 800 mm blowing through the coil. Fans with elevated external pressure. Fan current 230/50/1 or 400/50/3. 16 Pa air-sided pressure drop and a sensible heat factor of 1.0
  • Corrosion-resistant casing: aluminium/sendzimir, white epoxy coated (RAL 9003)
  • Arctigo LSV is based on a flexible design concept. In addition to the standard range, Arctigo LSV air coolers can be fully customized to meet any client specifications. 



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