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Abatigo adiabatic coolers

Reduce water consumption by 95%

Abatigo addresses a major data center cooling challenge - providing the performance of an evaporative system with the advantages of a dry cooler system. The adiabatic coolers drastically reduce water usage - by up to 95% vs. an open cooling tower and up to 60% vs. closed cooling tower - all while maintaining premium energy efficiency and meeting the stringent demands of mission critical design.

Abatigo is a patented closed-loop adiabatic dry cooler that often operates without consuming any water - activating the adiabatic system only on hotter days to pre-cool incoming air. Great for locations with high water costs or low water availability, Abatigo coolers are the ideal replacement for inefficient cooling towers. 


Watch the video to see how Abatigo works

Adiabatic technology working principle

As the video demonstrates, for the majority of the year the system performs as a dry cooler, modulating the fan speed to maintain the process leaving water temperature within the design range. During high ambient temperature periods, when the leaving water temperature reaches the maximum process temperature with fans running at full speed, the adiabatic mode is activated and it works as follows:

      1. High-temperature ambient air passes through lower adiabatic chamber.
      2. Inside this chamber, nozzles spray the coil with a fine mist of water from a separate source.
      3. The air is cooled due to humidification, prior to contact with heat exchangers.
      4. The chamber’s design prevents any water drift outside the chamber when the cooled air travels to the heat exchanger.
      5. Digital control system continuously adjusts the amount of water sprayed to ensure consistent cooling.

During extreme peak weather conditions, the optional adiabatic booster feature provides a supplemental cooling function. During booster mode, a portion of the coil surface is flooded and constantly "washed" by a uniform water flow until the booster function is deactivated.

Mission critical benefits

  • Highly efficient, mission critical design with redundant control and failsafe logic
  • Maximimum uptime thanks to scale-free operation, durable construction, and acrylic-coated heat exchanger
  • Easy to expand to meet growing needs
  • Freeze protected designs with or without glycol
  • 100% water recovery
  • Small footprint

Advantages of adiabatic coolers vs. cooling towers 

  • Allows data centers to be located in water restrictive areas by operating primarily in dry conditions
  • Virtually maintenance free 
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Excellent performance in dry application
  • Easy and cost-effective capacity control
  • No risk of Legionella
  • No risk of corrosion due to closed water circuit
  • No water treatment required
  • No steam generation during winter
  • Simple, quick and inexpensive installation


    • Patented closed-circuit adiabatic chamber
    • Optional adiabatic booster offers another layer of insurance, activating only when the adiabatic chamber cannot maintain set point
    • Heavy duty heat exchanger and casing, manufactured from corrosion resistant materials
    • Acrylic coating applied to cooler coil for added protection against harsh environments
    • Up to 20 fans in 1 or 2 fan rows. ErP compliant EC fan motors with external rotor, protection class IP 54 according to DIN 40050. EC power supply 380-480/50-60/3 with integrated thermo contacts to provide reliable protection against thermal overload 
    • Real time, mission critical cooling system control (more info below)

Real-time cooling system control

You'll have a complete overview of your entire Abatigo mission critical cooling system in real-time, including operating schematics that monitor pressures, temperatures, coolant levels, and reactive system and pump performance. With intuitive controls and commands, including alarms and fault indicators, issues can be identified before they become widespread problems. You can also connect the system to a building-wide monitoring system via standard communication protocols. 



Abatigo technical product brochure

Abatigo brochure

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