Data center cooling

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Data center cooling brochure - an overview of the applications and products


Gasketed plate heat exchangers

AHRI certification and AlfaQ range overview

Product technical brochures

Specifications after the product name below represent
nom flow rate, nom design temp, nom design pressure.

AQ6 – 1,250 GPM, 180˚C/300˚F, 400 psi

AQ6L – 1,850 GPM180˚C/300˚F, 460 psi

AQ8 – 3,600 GPM, 180˚C/300˚F, 400 psi

AQ8S – 3,100 GPM, 180˚C/300˚F, 400 psi

AQ10 – 6,000 GPM, 180˚C/300˚F, 400 psi

AQ14 – 7,900 GPM, 180˚C/300˚F, 300 psi

AQ14L – 8,000 GPM, 180˚C/300˚F, 400 psi

AQ20M 15,500 GPM, 180˚C/300˚F, 300 psi

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Abatigo adiabatic coolers


Abatigo brochure

Abatigo technical brochure

Abatigo user manual

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Alfa-V dry coolers

Alfa-V technical brochure

Alfa-V user manual

AlfaBlue-BD dry cooler technical brochure

AlfaBlue-BO oil cooler technical brochure

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ALF filters

ALF technical brochure

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Arctigo Low Speed Ventilation (LSV)

Arctigo LSV technical brochure

Server cooling article featuring LSV

Free white paper downloads

The Venturi effect and how it affects your data center efficiency

Your data center's hidden source of revenue

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360° Service Portfolio brochure

Heat exchanger performance audit brochure

Plate heat exchanger Service brochure

Plate heat exchanger service equipment

Cleaning In Place (CIP)


CIP 200 and 400 technical brochure

CIP 1800 and 2800 technical brochure


Backflushing equipment

Backflushing technical brochure


Filter ports

Filter port technical brochure


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Comfort handbook: the theory behind heat transfer

Free white papers