Bio-based chemicals


Evaporators for bio-based chemical production

AlfaVap plate evaporator

The AlfaVap is a compact evaporator, appropriate for heat sensitive products because it allows for very low boiling temperatures. Its extremely low hold-up volume also ensures a very short residence time inside the evaporator. Low boiling temperature and short residence time in the evaporator contribute to higher product quality. A range of AlfaVap evaporators is available to suit different products and capacity requirements.

AlfaVap evaporator range


The AlfaFlash evaporator is for fouling applications and the evaporation of products with a high viscosity. AlfaFlash works as a forced circulation flash evaporator. High turbulence and high shear stress on the plate surface provide a self-cleaning effect, which in turn provides a low level of fouling.


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