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Supporting you from start to finish

We are glad to support you at every step of the process, from the initial design stage and throughout the entire lifetime of your plant.

Our cooperation with customers often starts in the design phase, where we can help optimize the plant to ensure maximum capacity, water quality and energy efficiency. The flexibility of our system lets us customize your new plant according to your exact requirements, and we make sure the biology in your tank gets the best possible conditions.

We can also deliver sludge dewatering equipment that is proven to meet the demands presented by the solids produced in MBR installations.

Performance Agreements

Entering a Performance Agreement with Alfa Laval gives you full peace of mind and guaranteed performance. Alfa Laval’s team of MBR experts make sure you get the flux and TSS level specified in your agreement.

All we ask is that you send us operating data three times per year so we can evaluate the operation of your system. Once per year, an Alfa Laval MBR expert visits your plant to discuss optimization possibilities and make a visual inspection.

If you have a Performance Agreement, we are also present during commissioning, and the mechanical warranty is extended up to 5 years.

Extending performance

Global service network

With Alfa Laval as your service partner, help is always close at hand. We have service personnel in close to 100 countries, ready to assist you in your local language. And our efficient logistics chain makes sure you get any required spare parts as quickly as possible.

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Let's Meet

We understand that each wastewater treatment plant is unique. Before making any suggestions we always listen carefully to your requirements, goals and ambitions. 

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