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Join Alfa Laval at the ATMO World Summit virtual trade show – 30-31 March 2022

Attend our Webinar on ATMO World Summit 2022

Our expert Tommy Angback will be presenting in this year's edition of ATMO World Summit on the subject "Reliable and highly efficient heat exchanger for R717 Ammonia heat pumps". If you are looking to learn more about the possibilities that natural refrigerants can offer, we are here to help.

Below, you can browse some of the many resources we have developed to share our unique expertise in this area. As always, you can get in touch with more specific questions – we look forward to hearing from you.


ATMO WORLD Summit 2022

Hosted by Alfa Laval’s partner Shecco, the ATMO World Summit is a focused, global, 24-hour online virtual trade show that’s the closest thing to a live trade show for the HVAC & Refrigeration industry. Join Alfa Laval expert tommy Angback to talk to us in real-time about all the ways we’re driving innovation for natural refrigerants. The event starts at 10am CET 30 March and runs until 10am the next day. You can register for free by visiting the ATMO  homepage.

Learn more about the virtual trade fair

Driving innovation for natural refrigerants

Award-winning innovation

Explore our comprehensive range of plate heat exchangers for natural refrigerants and learn more about designs specially optimized for carbon dioxide (R744), ammonia (R717) and propane (R290). These include all-new products like Alfa Laval CB24, a top-ranked “innovation of the year” at the 2021 ATMO virtual trade show!

Learn more about CB24 for propane applications

Learn more about AXP82 for CO2 applications

Learn more about our range of gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers

Learn more about our complete range of brazed plate heat exchangers


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See our webinars

Alfa Laval is home to some of the foremost experts on the topic of natural refrigerants. At ATMO VTS, our own Tommy Ångbäck and Alessio Fadini delivered a webinar on the theme of “Driving innovation for natural refrigerants.” This rare opportunity to gain practical knowledge from two of the industry’s most experienced professionals is now available for viewing whenever you want! Get this and a wide range of on-demand expertise from other Alfa Laval knowledge leaders by visiting our xChanging Ideas webinar series.

Discover xChanging Ideas

Heating and cooling expertise

Want to get more of the knowledge Alfa Laval has gained in our nine decades of experience in thermal transfer? Does your business need to access BIM files, 3D drawings or other consultant tools? Take a spin over to our Alfa Laval Heating and Cooling Hub for the latest resources for your industry.

Visit the Heating & Cooling Hub

Alfa Laval Heating and cooling hub
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Alfa Laval xChanging Ideas

Looking for other ways to take advantage of Alfa Laval’s more than three decades of experience in natural refrigerants? Browse our xChanging Ideas webinars, the first ever series devoted to the latest trends – and solutions – shaping our industry. Our past webinars are available to view any time on demand, and new webinars will be scheduled soon!

Discover xChanging Ideas

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Meet our Expert: Diego Orsucci

Diego is the HVAC and Refrigeration Sales Manager, Key Accounts and OEMs for Alfa Laval. He has been working in the industry for sixteen years with Brazed and Fusion-Bonded Heat Exchanger Technology, providing solutions to various industries like Air Conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration, Heat Pumps, Boilers and Heating and Engines.

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