Wastewater treatment webinars

Our wastewater experts are thrilled to share their knowledge and experience with you! These webinars cover key fundamentals and the solutions in wastewater treatment to save costs, reduce your environmental impact and discover new income streams from recovered resources.

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Webinars on demand

Is it time to rebuild/upgrade your belt filter press or decanter centrifuge?

When should you refurbish, upgrade, or replace your decanter centrifuge or belt filter press? Watch this video to hear the answers from our water and wastewater experts. 

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Solutions and innovations in mechanical thickening and dewatering

Explore several of the most common and utilized solutions in water and wastewater for thickening and dewatering applications.  Each of the solutions is explained in how they operate as well as how they compare against each other in several key factors.  You'll also get an introduction to some of the newest innovations becoming available on the market today. 

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Belt press designs for dewatering applications have gone largely unchanged over the decades. Find out what industry changes have required the design to adapt and how new innovations allow the belt press to remain a viable and effective solution for sludge dewatering.

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Secondary biological treatment using the Sequential Batch Reactor

Learn about an ideal solution for secondary biological wastewater treatment, especially when influent flow and organic loads vary and effluent requirements are stringent.

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Tertiary treatment using the AS-H Iso-Disc® filter

Learn how you can ensure the production of high-purity, reuse-quality filtrate from applications such as tertiary filtration, process streams, surface water treatment and other water reuse.


Combined secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment using the Membrane BioReactor

Learn how you can maximize resource recovery, expand existing treatment capacity, minimize costs and ensures the production of high-purity, reuse-quality permeate in your municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment process.