Automatic Combustion Control Service

Control system upgrade

Having a clear, intuitive and modern control system makes it easy to improve operations on your vessel. Alfa Laval offers a smooth and simple way to replace your existing Aalborg Unisab boiler control system with the very highest standard in boiler control – Alfa Laval Touch Control.


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Troubleshooting for Aalborg boilers

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Dry dock services for Aalborg boilers

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Replacement of burners and control system Aalborg Solution

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Performance audit for Aalborg boilers

Performance audit for Aalborg boilers

During a Performance Audit, we visually examine the boilers on board and check the operating parameters of their burner and control systems.This should be done on a regular basis, because boiler performance changes over time, which can result less efficient combustion. In addition, we physically inspect the burners and measure their combustion performance.