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Netting greater performance on fishing vessels

Fuels, systems and operations in the marine industry are changing rapidly, as are the environmental laws and sustainability guidelines that govern them. By putting more than a century of marine experience to work for you, Alfa Laval is dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the wave.

We offer a comprehensive range of reliable, user-friendly equipment that is designed to enhance your fishing vessel’s performance, optimize critical operations and ensure regulatory compliance.

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A lasting relationship with fishing

Aboard the Prins Maurits, a Dutch fishing vessel, Chief Engineer Auke van Slooten has doubled the life expectancy of his main engine’s lube oil, saving 1400 liters of oil a year and nearly two hours of cleaning time per week, using an Alfa Laval MIB 503 separator. For three generations, his fishing family has relied on Alfa Laval solutions.

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Alfa Laval offers a wide range of equipment tailored for efficient use on smaller vessels.


Ballast water treatment

Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 excels in waters of any salinity, including challenging low-clarity waters. Type approved by IMO and the U.S. Coast Guard, it provides a compact and plug-and-play solution, no matter if you choose a skid-mounted system or loose components for total flexibility.

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Freshwater generation

The Alfa Laval AQUA Blue Mini freshwater generator is a compact, highly efficient solution for freshwater needs of 1–18 m3 per day. Needing little space or electrical energy, it provides a smarter alternative to bunkering or reverse osmosis.

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Fuel and lube oil cleaning

The Alfa Laval MIB 503 is designed to purify distillate, marine diesel oil and lubricating oil. Easy and cost-efficient to maintain, it provides exceptional oil cleaning performance for vessels with up to 5 MW of engine power.

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Heating and cooling

The Alfa Laval T6 gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchanger is designed for high throughput and simple maintenance. This energy-efficient heat exchanger delivers excellent thermal performance with a low operating cost.

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Heating and cooling (high pressure)

The Alfa Laval AXP brazed plate heat exchanger handles duties at very high – even extreme – pressures. Designed for applications where CO2 is used as a refrigerant, it handles other high-pressure fluids equally well.

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Lube oil filtration

The Alfa Laval Eliminator combines two technologies in one housing to extend lube oil life. The full-flow automatic filter protects the engine, while a disc-stack separator on the backflush line efficiently cleans the oil.

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Steam and heat generation

The high-performance Alfa Laval Aalborg OC-TCi (Turbo Clean, intelligent) is a space-saving combination boiler for steam and hot water, which can be heated with exhaust gas or fired with oil and gas fuels.

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Tank cleaning

With its optimized 360° cleaning pattern, the Alfa Laval Gunclean Toftejorg T-82 rotary jet head is designed to provide exceptional performance while reducing operating costs.

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Spare part kits

Alfa Laval spare part kits give you all the genuine parts you need for a specific service. You can be sure of full compatibility with your equipment, as well as convenience and economy.

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Smooth service, smooth sailing

Regular, professional maintenance is key to improving the performance and extending the life of your onboard equipment. Alfa Laval service experts are close by and ready to help, no matter where you do your fishing. You’ll find local-language support in a harbour near you, and our global team is on call 24/7. Turn to us not only for parts and emergency assistance, but also for long-term solutions that prevent problems and decrease your cost of ownership.

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