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Engine and transport

Alfa Laval has a close relationship with engine and vehicle OEMs. As an established original equipment supplier, we deliver quality solutions for diesel and gas engines and transport vehicles manufacturers. Our product development activities focus on providing custom solutions for you and your end customers’ needs. Our advanced solutions ensure that your state-of-the-art engines and vehicles perform efficiently – with the lowest life-cycle costs and minimum impact on the environment.

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Watch the video to learn about our complete range of:

  • Brazed plate heat exchangers (BHEs)
  • Dedicated Oil Coolers (DOC)
  • AlfaNova 100% stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Moatti filters
  • Gas to liquid heat exchangers
  • Defender

We  supply these technologies to engine manufacturers working in many markets around the world, to help provide reliable, high performing diesel and gas engines to their mining, railway, marine, power generation and industrial customers.

We offer a broader array of products and application expertise for cooling, filtration and crankcase gas cleaning of diesel and gas engines. 

Our products increase your engine’s performance by:

  • Extending engine lifetime
  • Extending oil lifetime
  • Eliminating filter cartridge disposal
  • Improving cooling efficiency
  • Reducing unnecessary engine loading
  • Reducing crankcase emissions