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Test, validate, and scale up your next separation solution

Whether you are upgrading your production line or planning a proof of concept, you need to find the right separation solution. Alfa Laval can help you choose with confidence. With 140 years of separation and application expertise, we optimize the testing journey based on your need, with the purpose to deliver the highest separation efficiency and scalable results. Here, our experts introduce some of the resources at your disposal. Reach out to us and schedule a consultation.

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Multiple testing options based on your need 


Why separation testing?

In-depth analysis and hands-on testing are the best way to ensure that your separation solution meets every demand. Get an overview of testing capabilities offered by Alfa Laval.  

The testing journey

From lab-scale testing to large scale production: your testing journey is tailored to your needs, with expert guidance at every step. The journey can be short or long depending on your challenges.  

Experts at your service

In our Material, Technology & Chemistry lab, certified specialists secure that the right material is used in our products. If you have a challenging separation task, they can support in identifying the separability of your product. 

Alfa Laval Food lab

In our Food lab, separation experts do R&D testing for future separation solutions as well as customer testing using customer feedstock. Our experts work closely with customers and have experience with most food applications out there.  

Explorer: the universal test unit

The Explorer is a very flexible test separator that allows you to test the Alfa Laval portfolio on a small-scale. The results in lab and pilot scale are fully scalable to larger machines. It is the “Swiss army knife” of test separators 

Get your answers onsite

You can rent test equipment from us for onsite testing. You then get to know the equipment before you make the investment. Alfa Laval test separators are suitable for food, biopharma and energy applications. 

Jan Moller Testcenter Nakskov

Process test centre

We can also make full-scale tests at our test facilities in Denmark. Here, we have a complete setup covering all process stages, enabling you to try out new ideas and confirm the performance of various equipment from Alfa Laval in your process.

Explorer: Unlimited access testing

Alfa Laval Explorer is a uniquely versatile test separator. A single Explorer unit lets you test and compare our complete portfolio of separation solutions, switching between configurations in a matter of minutes. With full access to features like Hermetic Design and Bactofuge, you get answers at record speed, no matter the application. Available for purchase or renting.

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Scalable performance: verified

No matter your application, you can rely on the scalable performance of Alfa Laval high-speed separators from product development to large-scale production. Along the way, our application expertise and proactive service is there to secure the product quality, yield, and sustainability you need for your business.

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