Foodec Hygiene Plus - advanced food processing

The food industry’s requirements for hygiene are advancing, but is your installed decanter centrifuge keeping up with the latest compliance standards? Will it truly stand up to your next USDA inspection? Alfa Laval Foodec Hygiene Plus will advance your food centrifuge from potential write-ups, to a fully drainable, CIP design - that hygienically and efficiently cleans regardless of your light or heavy processing phases.

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Food grade bottom line

Your process demands a food grade centrifuge that's easy, with thorough cleaning, where Foodec Hygiene Plus will solve the following cleaning problems:

  • All remaining liquid drains after flushing/CIP
  • An interior wall that's truly clean
  • Efficient use of CIP solution 
  • Easy inspection of rotating assembly - without removal
  • Stainless steel frame - no more rust or extensive painting prior to inspection

Decanter Centrifuge in CIP mode

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Food industry features – by the numbers

  1. Drainage or inspection holes: Removes excess liquid, eliminates a contamination source. Or, use opening to inspect rotating assembly
  2. Hygienic interior wall, stainless steel frame: Help reduce USDA or FDA write-ups
  3. CIP feed tube: Efficient dead end and feed zone area cleaning
  4. CIP bar: For optimal interior frame and bowl cleaning
Foodec Hygiene Plus with numbers

Is your decanter centrifuge keeping up with demand, and the latest compliance standards?

See our TrueStainless™ frame, and SaniRibs®, uniquely seal welded ribs - for efficient solids transportation:

View our enhanced CIP spray bar, with a series of nozzles that eliminate build-up areas:

More features:



Designed for long-lasting and unmatched hygiene.

TrueStainlessTM ensures solid stainless steel is used for the frame and other key parts that may be in contact with corrosive atmospheres, leading to optimal hygiene and longer equipment life.




The cleaner, more efficient way to transport solids.

Our unique seal welded ribs create optimal friction which offers better, more efficient solids transportation. This innovative technology also eliminates pathogen hot spots and allows for easy cleaning, meaning longer production runs, less manual maintenance, and improved profits.

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