AS-H Belt Thickener

Using gravity to thicken dilute sludge and slurries, the Alfa Laval AS-H belt thickener is suitable for all municipal or industrial flocculated sludges – particularly those from biological and activated sludge processes. Low energy and polymer consumption and trouble-free operation give important reductions in both cost and hassle for wastewater management.

Alfa Laval Ashbrook gravity belt thickener

Numerous advantages of the AS-H Belt Thickener for flocculated sludge thickening

  • Lower sludge disposal costs resulting from superior thickening
  • Low energy use and polymer consumption
  • Lower labor cost and cost of change, thanks to minimal need for operator attention and maintenance
  • Optional totally-enclosed, low-odor unit with easy access for better safety and work environment
  • Robust and simple design allows for easy adjustment and reliable operation
Designed for high throughput rates and high product solids content, the Alfa Laval AS-H belt thickener is considered the industry standard for removal of liquid from a solid-liquid suspension/sludge. With a simple design the sludge thickener has a small footprint and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation in your effluent treatment plant.

How it works

The sludge thickener works on the principle of separating liquid from solids by gravity drainage through a slowly rolling belt cloth. It uses a sludge polymer mixing valve with an adjustable lever arm to ensure sufficient turbulent sludge/polymer mixing.

After this, the ramp feeding section delivers a consistent load across the filtration area to maximize sludge thickening performance.

A sludge retention tank, also known as the flocculation chamber, is filled from the bottom and then rises up over a weir to ensure even distribution onto the belt. Sludge ploughs force the sludge into lanes, which allows free water to run through the belt where sludge is not present, thus enhancing the thickening process. Sludge ploughs can be lifted to allow for removal of debris such as rags etc.


Achieve 2% or more additional dry solids from your belt filter press or gravity belt thickener

Orege process.png

When placed ahead of an existing belt filter press or gravity belt thickener, the Orege SLGTM sludge pre-treatment system changes the rheology of your sludge so that it releases water more freely. Its small footprint means it can likely fit in your existing facility. Alfa Laval has an exclusive agreement to supply Orege in greenfield and brownfield applications.

Reduce your sludge management expenses by:

- Increasing final cake dryness by 2% or more and reducing hauling volumes

- Reducing polymer use

- Increasing belt filter press / gravity belt thickener throughput

Learn more about the Orege SLGTM system

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10 top tips for Alfa Laval AS-H Belt Thickeners

Have an Alfa Laval AS-H Belt Thickener? Here are some top tips to help ensure that your equipment continues to perform at peak sludge thickening performance.

Alfa Laval Ashbrook gravity belt thickener

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