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Wafer preparation

In electronics, a wafer is a thin slice of semiconductor material, such as a silicon crystal, used in the fabrication of integrated circuits and other microdevices. When cutting Si ingots into wafers using wire saws, it is necessary to cool the cutting slurry. Alfa Laval offers solutions that are compact, reliable and offer high heat transfer efficiency.

The wafer serves as the substrate for microelectronic devices built in and over the wafer and undergoes many microfabrication process steps, such as doping or ion implantation, etching, deposition of various materials, and photolithographic patterning. Finally the individual microcircuits are separated (dicing) and packaged.

Suitable solutions from Alfa Laval’s heat exchanger range are gasketed plate heat exchangers, AlfaNova all-stainless steel heat exchangers, and brazed plate heat exchangers. All are compact, reliable and offer high heat transfer efficiency.

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