Yeast production

Alfa Laval has more than a century of experience in supplying continuous discharging nozzle machines to the yeast industry. From laboratory scale to large world-class production plants, Alfa Laval has the equipment and process know-how for all baker´s yeast, fodder yeast and yeast extract requirements.

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Alfa Laval´s involvement in the field of industrial fermentation started already in the 1890´s with a centrifuge for harvesting of baker´s yeast. Today equipment from all of Alfa Laval´s key product areas - fluid handling, separation and heat transfer - is used in each step in the yeast production process, from molasses pretreatment and fermentation to dewatering and waste disposal. The right selection, coupled with Alfa Laval´s experience and process know-how, guarantees product quality, operational reliability and the highest possible efficiency.


Alfa Laval process solutions for yeast production